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[48], Lake died in London on 7 December 2016, at the age of 69, after suffering from cancer. [47] The tour was sponsored by UK entertainer and long-term ELP fan, Jim Davidson. In 1974, Emerson, Lake & Palmer took a break in activity. Afterward, the council moved the Lakes to a nearby council-owned cottage where Greg’s parents continued to live until Greg bought them a small bungalow in the 1970s. In October 1983, at friend Carl Palmer's request, Lake briefly joined Palmer in the 1980s supergroup Asia, to replace fellow King Crimson alumnus John Wetton for four scheduled concerts in Japan. Lake realised he wished to play as part of a group, and began to assemble members of the Greg Lake Band. [41][42] The debut concert for the tour of the album took place in August 1981 at the Reading Festival, with bandmates Gary Moore on guitar, Ted McKenna on drums, Tommy Eyre on keyboards, and Tristram Margetts on bass. It was kind of a gift". [29] Lake complained that Emerson chose to play in keys that were not a good fit for his voice. Ora la sua musica potrà vivere nei cuori di tutti coloro che lo amavano. We didn’t even set out to form a band, but the album took off, so we went on tour."[46]. [14] Lake then decided to become a full-time musician at the age of 17. Gregory Stuart Lake (10 November 1947 – 7 December 2016) was an English singer, songwriter, bassist, guitarist and record producer. [40] In the UK, the single sold over 13,000 copies in two days. The seeds of King Crimson were also formed in 1967 and Lake joined in 1968. Lake called the album the "beginning of the end" of the band, as he no longer produced their future albums, neither of which were a "really innovative record". Aveva detto che “il rock è finito” Il chitarrista e bassista è spento a 69 anni, piegato da una lunga malattia. Lake became known for performing on a Persian carpet on stage, which originally sold for £1,500 and, by 1976, had increased its value to £7,000. Each of the albums they put out in the Seventies – including their landmark Brain Salad Surgery – went gold in the U.S., and several charted in the Top 10 of Billboard’s album chart. In 1967, he joined the Gods, a group that had previously featured Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor, but Lake left before they recorded their debut LP. There were some nice ballads, but the record lacked the pure vision that a hit album needs to succeed. The Official Bootleg (1998). The audiences were really into us because we were an underground thing – the critics loved us because we offered something fresh". He became a full-time musician at 17, playing in several rock bands until his friend and fellow Dorset guitarist Robert Fripp invited him to join King Crimson as lead singer and bassist. I have fond memories of those great years we had in the 1970s and many memorable shows we performed together. All’età di 69 anni si è spento Greg Lake, colui che è stato l’anima degli Emerson, Lake and Palmer, trio di rock progressivo formatosi in Gran Bretagna nel 1970.. A darne la notizia è stato il manager Stewart Young che ha così scritto: “Ieri, 7 dicembre, ho perso il mio migliore amico dopo una lunga e ostinata battaglia contro il cancro. "[45] Adding to the decision, lead guitarist Gary Moore had written solo material that brought him a recording contract: "I was working with Greg Lake for two years during ’81 and ’82 and we did two albums. [29] As well as bass, Lake contributed acoustic and electric guitar work to Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and his voice had a wider and more diverse range than anything the Nice had previously recorded. In addition, Lake would change his guitar strings after each show on tour. Hence, there was not the passion the first album had. [19][20], In the 1960s, Lake formed a friendship with future King Crimson co-founder and guitarist Robert Fripp, who was also from Dorset and had also received lessons from Don Strike,[14][15] and saw Lake perform in Unit Four in Poole. [4][5] He grew up in the residential suburb of Oakdale. He chose Lake for this role, but asked him to play bass instead of guitar to avoid having to get a bass player in the group. He went on to release three solo albums with his Greg Lake Band with guitarist Gary Moore, recorded 1981 through 1983 (two studio albums, one live album), as well as collaborating and performing with other artists and with various groups in the 1980s, had occasional ELP reunions in the 1990s and in 2010, and toured regularly as a solo artist into the 21st century. Greg Lake was born on 10 November 1947 in the Parkstone area of Poole in Dorset, to Harry, an engineer, and Pearl, a housewife. Whether playing bass or guitar, as he often did with Emerson, Lake and Palmer, he wrote in a way that allowed for his bandmates to build vast, intricate soundscapes. As a member of ELP, Lake wrote and recorded several popular songs including "Lucky Man" and "From the Beginning". [14] When King Crimson returned to the UK in early 1970, Lake agreed to sing on the band's second album, In the Wake of Poseidon,[27] and appear on the music television show Top of the Pops with them, performing the song "Cat Food". When we got home I was nearly dead ... That was probably the worst I went through". He released a final solo album, Ride the Tiger, in 2015. Greg è morto il 7 dicembre dopo una lunga battaglia contro il cancro. Shipston, Roy (1971). [17] Fripp was asked to be a roadie for a gig at Ventnor, Isle of Wight, but no audience turned up. O’Mahony, Paul (4 April 2019). [14] During his stay in Carlisle for a gig, Lake contracted pneumonia and continued to perform on stage. [13] He named his mother, a pianist, as his initial musical influence and she bought Lake a second hand guitar to learn on. [35] One of them, "C'est la Vie", was released as a single. The band split in 1979 following the unsuccessful album Love Beach, an album the group were contractually obliged to record. Greg Lake with his mother “Pearl” Lake in their home in Poole, Dorset in 1948. His Songs of a Lifetime Tour began in 2012 which featured songs of his career and those by his favourite artists, including Elvis Presley and Johnny Kidd & the Pirates. [33] In November 1977, the band released Works Volume 2. [28], In April 1970, Lake left King Crimson and reunited with Emerson, along with drummer Carl Palmer of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster, to form the progressive rock supergroup, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. [26], King Crimson supported In the Court of the Crimson King with a tour of the UK and the US, with some of the shows featuring rock band the Nice as the opening act. He befriended eventual King Crimson leader Robert Fripp, who played guitar and lived nearby, and sought out opportunities to play music. He has described it as a "powerful and enjoyable album", which contains "well written songs and some sizzling guitar work by … [51] The concert was released on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray as High Voltage. Greg Lake aveva 69 anni e, dopo alcune sperienze minori con band come Shame, Shy Limbs e Gods, aveva fatto parte della prima formazione dei King Crimson. [17] Following their split in 1965, Lake and Unit Four bassist Dave Genes formed another covers group, the Time Checks, until 1966. Secondo Lake, Emerson soffriva da tempo di una forte depressione e il suo suicidio non è stato del tutto inaspettato: “Ad essere onesto, la sua morte non mi ha sorpreso: la sua condizione non si è manifestata all’improvviso, ma si protraeva fin dai tempi di ‘The Works Vol. Regina Lake is the wife of English rock legend, Greg Lake –know as a member of the progressive rock bands King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It made it up to Number 63 on the U.S. chart and its follow-up, 1983’s Manoeuvers, which also featured Moore, did not make the Top 200. I was pressured into writing songs that the record company thought radio programmers wanted to hear. Greg Lake (King Crimson, ELP) è morto Lake, chitarrista, bassista e cantante, ha esordito nel 1969 con il primo album dei King Crimson , considerato un capolavoro del progressive e della musica moderna. [10] Strike taught him "these awful Bert Weedon things", reading musical notation exercises with violin pieces by Niccolò Paganini, and playing 1930s pop tunes, the latter of which became an influence on Lake at the time. O il lavoro o la musica. It was important for us to be original. [29] Lake later lived in the Kingston and Richmond areas of Greater London with his wife Regina. Pilato, Bruce (1997). Regina Lake’s husband was born Gregory Stuart Lake on November 10, 1947. Sapevo che GREG LAKE non stava bene, non aver partecipato ai funerali dello stesso KEITH EMERSON nel marzo scorso fu sintomatico, ma non sapevo stesse così male. [16], Lake attended Oakdale Junior School followed by Henry Harbin Secondary Modern School,[6] and left the latter in 1963 or 1964. [31] During the making of the band's second album Tarkus, Lake initially rejected the title track, but was persuaded to record it following a band meeting with management, which ended in the addition of an original Lake tune, "Battlefield", into the suite. Lake left the band in 1970 and achieved significant success in the 1970s and beyond as the singer, guitarist, bassist, and producer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). In 2005, Lake toured Germany and the UK with his group, the Greg Lake Band, which now included David Arch on keyboards, Florian Opahle on guitar, Trevor Barry on bass, and Brett Morgan on drums. He then incorporated orchestral overdubs to the songs. [56][57], In late 1974, Lake moved from a flat in Cornwall Gardens in Kensington, London to a home near Windsor. The problem was the solo albums really lacked direction. [18] He then became a member of the Shame, where he is featured on their single, "Don't Go Away Little Girl", written by Janis Ian. [21], Fripp formed King Crimson[22] since his previous group, Giles, Giles and Fripp was not commercially successful, and their record company suggested getting a proper lead singer. [4] His manager announced the news on Twitter, describing Lake's battle with the illness as "long and stubborn". Marc Loren has given Greg Lake a retrospective rating of three stars out of five on AllMusic. [36] The couple had one daughter, Natasha. [48] Lake performed "Karn Evil 9" with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at several shows. He passed after … He went on to release three solo albums with his Greg Lake Band with guitarist Gary Moore, … morto greg lake, di emerson, lake and palmer 9 Dicembre 2016 È morto a 69 anni Greg Lake, bassista, chitarrista e musicista di origine britannica, leggenda del rock progressivo, che fu tra i protagonisti a partire del 1970 del supergruppo Emerson, Lake and Palmer, … Gregory Stuart Lake was born November 10, 1947 and is known as the English singer, songwriter, musician (guitarist) and producer of progressive rock bands Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson. [14][15] Lake's second guitar was a pink Fender Stratocaster. Emerson, Lake and Palmer made their live debut in 1970, releasing their self-titled debut that same year. E in dicembre la notizia della morte di Greg Lake, stroncato da un cancro. [6][7] Speaking about his childhood, Lake said he was "born in an asbestos prefab housing unit" into a "very poor" family, and remembered several cold winters at home,[8] but credits his parents for sending him money and food during his time as a struggling musician. Lake launched a solo career, beginning with his 1975 single "I Believe in Father Christmas" which reached number two in the UK. [17] He then took up work loading and unloading cargo at the Poole docks,[17] and as a draughtsman for a short period. The family lived in a tiny, asbestos-lined, prefab house until it was torn down in the early 1960s. It has become a Yuletide perennial. Lake continued to tour solo in the 2010s. At the peak of ELP’s success in 1975, Lake put out a solo single, “I Believe in Father Christmas,” which was a Number Two hit in the U.K. behind “Bohemian Rhapsody.” After the trio disbanded in 1979, Lake launched a solo career and, in 1981, issued a star-studded self-titled LP, which featured performances by guitarists Gary Moore and Steve Lukather, drummer Jeff Porcaro and saxophonist Clarence Clemons. Greg Lake aveva solo 69 anni e ha ceduto alla morte a causa di un cancro che, negli ultimi tempi, aveva indebolito la sua fragile vita. "[44] He gave further insight in 2011: "It was great to be the rhythm guitar player in that line-up. Gregory Stuart Lake (Poole, 10 novembre 1947 – Londra, 7 dicembre 2016) è stato un cantante, bassista, chitarrista e produttore discografico britannico. [18] Following a brief stint in the Shy Limbs, by 1968 Lake was involved with the Gods, based in Hatfield, which he described as "a very poor training college",[19][14] but the group secured a residency at the Marquee Club in London. We actually ended up enjoying ourselves". [32] Lake's track "From the Beginning", released on Trilogy in 1972, had no particular source of inspiration; "I just felt an inspiration to do it, and it flowed through me in a natural way. “We never had any commercial or financial intentions, but of course, now everyone wants to know how it feels to receive all the lovely royalties, which are apparently delivered by wheelbarrow by Santa himself, after a long day climbing down everybody’s chimneys.”, Their live performances featured light shows and theatrics, including the parading of their “Tarkus” mascot, and their highest-charting album in the U.S. was the live outing, Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends – Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake and Palmer. When you try and search for an alternative identity, it’s difficult. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Lake believed that making a connection with listeners was more important than material success. I was lost in a way. The group recorded the album in Anaheim, California in 1974; its title referencing lyrics in the Brain Salad Surgery track “Karn Evil 9.”, “I think there is truth in the fact that the group was pretentious,” he told Rolling Stone in 2013. Lake used this time to focus on his family life, travel, and write and release music. [49] He was a special guest on their album Night Castle (2009). Greg Lake aveva una voce unica. Both songs entered the UK and US singles charts. The group played its first concert the following April and Lake sang lead vocals and played bass on their debut, 1969’s groundbreaking In the Court of the Crimson King – which Pete Townshend called “an uncanny masterpiece,” according to The Guardian – and its follow-up, 1970’s In the Wake of Poseidon. [50], In 2010, Lake and Emerson completed an acoustic world tour, performing ELP songs. [58] With Lake's death and that of Keith Emerson earlier in 2016, Palmer is the last surviving member of the group.[58]. [23][24] This marked Lake's first time playing the instrument as he had primarily been a guitarist for the previous eleven years. Algumas das mais conhecidas canções dos ELP são de sua autoria, como "Lucky Man", "The Sage", From the Beginning" e "Still... You Turn Me On". [52] It was the final performance by the group. Gary is a fabulous player, and the bass was covered properly. Keith Emerson, 71, English progressive rock and rock keyboardist (The Nice, Emerson, Lake & Palmer), suicide by gunshot He died on 7 December 2016 in London, of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 69. From the Underground II - Deeper into the Mine: An Official Greg Lake Bootleg (2003), released 12 December 2003. The ambitious Tarkus, their second album – a deft and grandiose fusion of classical and rock – was a Number One album in the U.K. in 1971. Iniziò la sua carriera nel 1969 entrando nei King Crimson, con cui compose il loro disco d’esordio In the Court of the Crimson King. In 1993, when the album was finally released on CD (in Japan), it was re-titled Greg Lake & Gary Moore. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Moore played a major role including writing the song, "Nuclear Attack". Lake wrote five acoustic songs with lyrical assistance from Sinfield, with a conscious effort not to record "just ballads" and attempt a wider variety of musical styles. He travelled to Los Angeles and worked with a group of session musicians to develop his songs further, but he found a lack of personality in the music, though not at the fault of the performers. Want more Rolling Stone? He also recorded music as a solo artist including his 1975 hit single, “I … Partendo da un aut-aut. He sang with clarity and confidence, making his voice a singular force among his and his fellow musicians’ experimentation. After their contracted producer Tony Clarke walked away from the project, Lake produced the album. Un timbro caldo e rotondo, estremamente evocativo, capace di innalzare il valore di qualsiasi canzone interpretasse. In Picture an esibition Greg cantava che " la morte è la vita." Hot Press. Reception. 1’ . In The Court, co-prodotto da Greg Lake Born and raised in Dorset, Lake began to play the guitar at the age of 12 and wrote his first song, "Lucky Man", at the same age. The two musicians had similar musical aesthetics and formed a new group, recruiting Palmer, who had played with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster, to join them. Gordon Haskell, ex cantante e bassista nei King Crimson, è morto a 74 anni. Sign up for our newsletter. The tour ended in December of that year[36] and produced the live albums, Songs of a Lifetime (2013) and "Live in Piacenza" (2017). Approfondisci: Scheda artista Tour&Concerti Testi. [26] During the US leg, Lake struck up a friendship with Nice keyboardist Keith Emerson; the two shared similar musical interests and talked about the benefits of forming a new group. Greg Lake, in morte di una leggenda del prog-rock . [16] The result, Greg Lake, was released in September 1981 on Chrysalis Records, and reached number 62 in both the UK and the US. Consequently, Lake and Fripp decided to just play tunes from their guitar lessons that Strike had taught them. I did some demos after the U.S. tour with Greg to see what would happen, and I got a deal with Atlantic. Greg Lake morto, dopo Emerson se ne va anche la voce degli Elp. Carl Palmer». While on tour with King Crimson, Lake befriended Emerson, then a keyboardist of their tourmates the Nice. 1969, Dorchester, sud dell'Inghilterra: il 22enne Gregory Stuart Lake lavora come disegnatore progettista nella cittadina costiera del Dorset. King Crimson singer-bassist remembered as prog rock pioneer. Gary Moore interview re-print. [9] After roughly one year with Strike, Lake ended his tuition as he wished to learn songs by the Shadows, a favourite band of his, but Strike "wouldn't have any of it". They found good rapport with drummer Cozy Powell, and recorded their eponymous album Emerson, Lake & Powell with him. He gained prominence as a founding member of the progressive rock bands King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). Greg Lake's decision to disband the Greg Lake Band and leave the music business in 1983. His manager told the BBC he had recently had “a long and stubborn battle with cancer”; the news comes nine months after the death of his bandmate, Keith Emerson. Famoso per essere stato membro e cofondatore dei gruppi rock progressivo King Crimson e Emerson, Lake & Palmer , è probabilmente tra i musicisti più influenti del panorama del progressive degli anni settanta . [6], Lake discovered rock and roll in 1957 when he bought Little Richard's "Lucille". They found commercial success with their influential debut album, In the Court of the Crimson King (1969). “It’s more important to make some spiritual human contact, or visit someone lonely,” The Guardian quoted him as saying. [33] It was released as a single, and reached number 39 in the US.[34]. Certainly the early albums … I’m talking now especially about Tarkus, Trilogy and Brain Salad Surgery. Greg Lake, From The Underground: [35] By then the band were tax exiles and relocated to Switzerland, France, Canada and the Bahamas as they were restricted to two months' stay in England a year. [25] Released in October 1969, the album was an immediate commercial and critical success, as Lake recalled: "There was this huge wave of response. Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Greg Lake, Obituary. [20] Lake left the group in 1968 over creative differences as the band were to enter the recording studio. Soprattutto con Greg Lake e Carl Palmer, con cui il tastierista aveva fondato gli EL&P. [10] At the age of 12, he first learned to play the guitar and wrote his first song, "Lucky Man",[11][12] which he didn't write down, simply committing it to memory. But the shows were not a sell-out, the US leg was cancelled, and the two men then fell out. He was 69. [37], In 2001, Lake toured as a member of the seventh incarnation of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. Their keyboardist Ken Hensley later said that Lake "was far too talented to be kept in the background". For a long while, I was kind of lost and would try different things. I really wanted to get out on my own at that stage, and I wanted these songs recorded – they weren’t suitable for Greg... so I set up a deal with Virgin, and went in and did 'Corridors Of Power'.

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